What Hurricane Sandy Taught me.

1)  TEACH KIDS LIFE SKILLS– I love my children dearly but oh boy, they can be frustrating when they don’t have distractions every-so-often of television, video games, and other “powered” toys!  I really need to turn OFF the television/games more often and get them to use their minds and not rely on just their electronic toys.

2)  FOOD– Refrigerated food can only last 4 hours without power, frozen can last between 12-48hours.  Didn’t know that tidbit until I was “prepping” for the storm.  Didn’t matter….lost it all anyway.

3)  NEVER ASSUME– NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER assume that you won’t lose power!  During Hurricane Irene we didn’t lose power.  That lead us to a false sense of security and we did very minor preparation for this storm.  LUCKILY I had ice, water, shelf stable foods (like milk boxes, cereal, bread, fruit, and other misc. snacks) but I was in NO way prepared for 2 days of a power-outage.

4)  CONSERVE– We also had flashlights, charged batteries in all of our electronics, and even back up batteries for our phones.  Used most of our batteries on the first evening.  I MUST learn to conserve!

5)  APPRECIATE–  Appreciate the fact that we live better now that kings did a hundred years ago.  We have cars, lights, air conditioning, heating, indoor plumbing, a gazillion electronics to make our lives easier, and staple foods (like sugar!) that were too expensive for commoners.  Times like these make me appreciate these things we take for granted.

6) BE THANKFUL– I am SO thankful that our property had minimal wind damage, no flooding, my family lived through it, and we had extra “special” time sleeping over with “grammy” who had power during and after the storm.  Things could have been worse, way worse.  We are SO lucky they weren’t.  My heart goes out to those who did have it worse, especially the people from the Jersey Shore, and New York.  It was heartbreaking to hear the stories and see the pictures of once familiar streets now completely unfamiliar.

7) IT DID HAPPEN– I joke with people about how obsessed I am with taking photos that, “If there isn’t a photo of proof, it didn’t happen.”  I didn’t take one single photo of this storm or the aftermath.  It still happened.

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