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Booking a trip

You can book through a travel agent or book directly with Disney World. If you book through a Disney Travel Agent there is no fee and they are specialized & trained in all things “Disney” and often offer “perks” for booking through them.  If you have booked a trip to Disney World in the past you will still need to make a new account with the Disney Cruise Line.

You can also book directly with Disney online or by phone at (800) 951-3532.

Prior to your trip:


  • There are many itineraries and ports.  The Disney Cruise Line website is very helpful when picking out which is best for you.  You can also click here for the itinerary brochure.
  • To book a cruise you must place a 20% deposit down to hold your reservation.
  • The cruise must be paid off 45 days prior to your trip.
  • Once you are paid in full you can book your excursions on the Disney Cruise Line website.  Depending on your status will determine when you can book excursions:
    Platinum Castaway Club Members (10 prior cruises)– 120 days prior to the cruise
    Gold Castaway Club Members (5-9 prior cruises)–  105 days prior to the cruise
    Silver Castaway Club Members (2-4 prior cruises)– 90 days prior to the cruise
    First Cruise- 75 days prior to the cruise
  • You will receive a “booklet” about a month before your cruise with final details and tags for your luggage.

Pack a few unique items

Clothes Pin or Binder Clip– to hold the curtains closed
A Night Light– the rooms are very dark at night
Plug splitter or surge protector– there are very few electrical outlets available in the staterooms.  Click here to see what I used (I use it on every trip and I love it!).
Shower organizer– space is limited, this gives you more places for your stuff.  Click here for an example.
Suction cups with hooks– to hang shower organizer and extras to hang your bathing suits up to dry.  Click here for an example.
Over the door shoe holder– For all your “odds and ends”…space is very limited in the rooms.  I have heard recently that these are banned because of the metal hooks over the door having damaging effects on the door, but, I brought one and hung it in the closet on the railing.  Another option would be to use heavy duty magnet hooks inside the stateroom door to hang the organizer or use the shower curtain hooks to hang it on the outside of the curtain.  Click here for an example.
Nausea Medicine– just in case!  Bonine for adults (or you can get a prescription patch that goes behind your ear from your doctor), Dramamine for kids, Ginger candy, or Ginger capsules.  We didn’t need any of these fortunately, but better safe than sorry!
Purex 3 in 1 Sheets for laundry– you can pack less if you do laundry once!  We packed for 5 nights on an 8-night trip and did laundry while onboard.
Disney Pins– Pin trading is fun.  To save yourself some money you can buy them ahead of time on ebay (much less expensive than buying on the ship) and use them to trade for pins that you or the kids really love.  Pin trading is not as popular on the cruises as they are in the theme parks, but many cast members (especially at the stores) have lanyards with pins and are available for trading.  There is usually a scheduled “Pin Trading” meetup in the on-board events, too.
Air Fresheners– Small spaces call for some air fresheners!
Highlighters in different colors– Each person in your room should pick out a color and when you get the “Navigator” (schedule of events) for the next day you can plan ahead by highlighting what events each person wants to attend.

Shipping items to the port/ship

You can ship items to the ship prior to the cruise.  Each port will have a different address.  The only one they list on the DCL (Disney Cruise Line) website is the Port Canaveral address, but you can call for any other port address.


  • One box per stateroom, no exceptions.
  • The package also must have a packing slip attached to the outside of the box.
  • The required size of the cartons you are shipping down have to be 12 x 12 x 12

Address your package to:

Disney Cruise Line Warehouse
Guest Name/Stateroom #
(put GTY, if you don’t know your room number)
8633 Transport Drive
Orlando, FL 32832

In the bottom left corner of the top of the package put the following information:

  • Name
  • Sail Date
  • Ship
  • Stateroom NumberPlease also include a packing slip with content details.

Other interesting things


Fish Extenders– On the DisBoards.com forums you will find a thread with your specific cruise.  Likely, someone will have also made a page on Facebook as well so that you can “get to know” your fellow cruisers.  Usually there is someone that organizes an “FE Group” (Fish Extender group) which is a group of people that want to exchange gifts with each other.  FE stands for “Fish Extender” which is that little 3 pocket bin shown in the photo to the right that is hanging from the “Fish Hook” that is next to each stateroom door.  This “Extender” makes it possible to put little gifts in pockets designated for each person in the group.  People make or buy their own “Fish Extenders” to use and they are usually very unique and it’s fun to walk around and see everyone’s FE.  Each group size varies depending on how the person in charge organizes the group.  On my cruise, we had 18 in the group (including our family) so we had 17 other staterooms to “gift”.  Gifts vary in size and price.  Many people decide to make their own gifts (magnets, jewelery, and many other crafty items) or they can be store bought depending on your budget.  There are many great ideas for Fish Extenders on Pinterest or you can read more about them here on PixiePranks.

Decorating your stateroom door– Magnets ONLY!  DCL is very clear that you cannot use anything sticky and if the paint on the door is damaged you will be fined.   Many people design their own “Mickey Ears” or Disney themed magnets, then get them laminated at Staples (or buy a laminator) and attach their own magnets.  Be sure to use strong magnets, there are many layers of paint on the stateroom doors and the “printable sheets” of magnet paper are NOT strong enough to stay up.

DisBoard Meet & Greets– Another advantage of being a part of the DisBoard group is that there will be at least one meet & greet which is at the beginning of your cruise.  This is nice because you will see many of the same people during your cruise and it will be good to know some of them.  Sometimes other meet-ups will be scheduled like a cabin-tour, a “champagne girls” meet up (where everyone wears champagne color), or even a “Happy Hour” can be arranged with DCL for a nominal fee (ours was about $20 per person for an hour).

Keeping in touch with people in your party– Each stateroom is equipped with two “Wave Phones” so that you can keep in contact with each other.  Wave Phones can call or text each other and is about the size of a cell phone, but looks more like a small cell phone.  Here is more info on the wave phone.

Another good communication tool is post-it notes put up on the outside of the door with a pen, or, you can also put up a dry erase or chalk board so that you can all leave notes for each other.  This way you can keep abreast on what everyone is doing and know where to find them when you need them.



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