Free ebooks….that’s right, I said FREE!

You know all those “deal” websites saying that they found a “free ebook”?  Well, I found a place where you can get almost ANY book for free!

You are probably skeptical, as I was when I heard it.  But, after I went to the site I was happily surprised! considers themselves an online “LIBRARY”.  Anyone can go to the library and borrow a book, right?  Well, that’s the idea behind Tuebl.

At first I was leery so I downloaded a book.  A newer book that you can’t find for free anywhere.  It worked on my iPad with no problems (using iTunes and loading it into iBooks).  I began downloading several books and adding them.  There may have been one or two files that I had to delete and download again (one was missing a cover picture and the other file didn’t transfer right).

If you are using it on a Kindle you will need to have a file converter (I use calibre to convert the files so that I can add them to my mother’s Kindle Fire).

I also have a Nook Color which I got to keep with me at all times (small, light, much less expensive than the iPad) BECAUSE of the free books I was able to get, for FREE!

Some examples of books that I’ve downloaded:
Fifty Shades Trilogy51RNLT4aRgL._SS500_
J.K. Rowling (Harry Potter and The Casual Vacancy)
“Wicked Years” Series (Wizard of Oz books)
Jen Lancaster (several of her hilarious books)
Comedian authors including Chelsea Handler, Russell Brand, Adam Carolla, Kathy Griffin, Etc…
5139FVZCKML._SS500_Pretty much anything you are looking for is listed on the site.  I would recommend that you head over, go to the SEARCH page and select the author you are interested in finding.  I’ve found it is the most accurate way to search.

I was VERY leery about sharing Tuebl because I don’t want to be the cause of getting them into legal trouble.  Well, I decided to contact the owner before writing this blog and I got his approval.  He said that he has taken the right route and has no reason to believe that he will be shut down.  He isn’t concerned with any trouble coming his way and gave me the go-ahead to share it with you.

Disclaimer: 100% of the books are uploaded by users. Tuebl’s server does do a rough scan, but they cannot test them. If a book has problems, people flag them and they remove them.  If you run into an issue, please be sure to tell them.  :)

I know that Tuebl is always working at bringing you more content (books) and is always working on their site to make improvements.  Right now they are redesigning their website (sneak peek on the “Tuebl Love” Facebook Page) and it looks beautiful.  During their server move they will not be online January 18th-19th.

I enjoy it and thought you would too.

Please feel free to reply with what great books you have found on their site!

Don’t forget to share it & if you love it, please donate to tuebl.  It’s how they stay afloat.



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