Santa is coming to Levittown!

Santa is Coming to Town!

It’s time for our annual Santa run. Below is the schedule when we will be coming through each section. We will be beginning our Santa run starting at 7 PM on the dates listed below:
Blueridge, Whitewood, and Green Lynn – Monday 12/3
Oaktree, Crabtree – Tuesday 12/4
Orangewood, Red Cedar – Wednesday 12/5
Appletree – Thursday 12/6
Fairbridge, Drexelwood, Grundy Gardens, Lamont Plaza – Friday 12/7
Holly Hill, Magnolia Hill, Birch Valley – Monday 12/10
Heddington, Wistarwoods, Hidden Forest, Parkway Area – Wednesday 12/12
Goldenridge – Thursday 12/13
Indiancreek – Friday 12/14
Inclement weather makeup – 12/17
Inclement weather makeup – 12/18

*Dates may be subject to change without notice.

*Please note these dates are subject to change do to inclement weather. If you have any questions please contact the Fire Company at 215-945-4930

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