Parents only! “Last Bottle” is having a marathon wine sale!

I know this doesn’t fall into the “fun family events” category but when I see a deal this good I have to share it!


Last Bottle is one of those “deal of the day” sites and they always offer a good price on a bottle of wine each day (plus shipping).  But, tomorrow they are having “Chrismukkapalooza Marathon!”  Good for US!  Last time they had this deal I didn’t figure out HOW good of a deal it was until it was halfway through the day and I missed several bottles of wine that I would have purchased had I realized.  The prices are GREAT and you get FREE SHIPPING on your order.  I was able to score 3 bottles of wine which were in the $6-$9 price range, and had a lot of fun watching and refreshing the page to see another new wine I’d like to try.

So here is how it works….
They post different bottles through the course of the day at really good prices and offer FREE SHIPPING on your entire order!  Usually the bottles are only listed on the page for minutes before they are sold out and a new one is listed.  It’s all depending on the quantity they have to sell and the price seems to play a role too.  Sometimes they do list very expensive wines that seem to last a little longer on the site because the buyers aren’t quite as quick to shell out $300 for a bottle (even if it IS worth $600).
Here is the best part….
When you sign up you get a free $5 credit which is enough for a FREE bottle of wine (or part of a bottle if you want a more expensive wine).  If you share your referral link with your friends, YOU get a $20 referral credit when they make their first purchase.  You also get 2% back from all of your purchases back in credit towards a future purchase, too.

In case you are wondering….
They WILL ship to PA….that was a concern of mine, too.  Apparently they are allowed to.  I’m not sure what the loophole is, but, I have ordered several times from them.

Sign up today (CLICK HERE) so that tomorrow you will have your $5 credit in your account and be ready to buy tomorrow!

From the email:

OUR BEST YET! You’ve NEVER seen a blowout marathon like this one!

We’ve been shopping, oh yes. LIKE MAD. For YOU. A case here, a half-pallet there, a couple of culty Cabernet magnums…anything we can find at screaming good prices to make this, we are sure, the FINEST Last Bottle Marathon yet!! More selection, more quantity, more hard-to-find gems, you name it. What a perfect way to ring out 2013 and say a huge thanks to YOU – we love you guys!

Starting tomorrow (Thursday 12/19) at 9AM sharp, we are unleashing a flood of wine in OUR BIGGEST, BEST BLOWOUT EVER — HUNDREDS, POSSIBLY THOUSANDS, of unbelievable bargains from every corner of Planet Earth. Seriously – more BURGUNDY, cult Cabs, and Bordeaux than ever, not to mention large formats, older vintages, and hot-off-the-press goodies…all at market-crushing prices. It’s easily OUR BIGGEST MARATHON YET (we say that every time, but it’s true – they just keep getting more massive)! Plus, FREE GROUND SHIPPING on ALL ORDERS! TRUE Madness.

Most of you know the drill – for the newcomers (welcome, you are going to LOVE this), here is the magic, the madness about to ensue: for the next 2 days (or until we completely run out of wine, which is likely), wines will appear at breakneck speed on the website, and flip VERY quickly as they sell out. These are wines we get in limited quantities at crazy-good pricing, generally not enough to send out an email on, and you won’t get any emails for the next two days, either. You’ll need to keep hitting the “REFRESH” button on your browser to catch them all (the more you refresh, the more you will see, some sell out in seconds…!). That’s it – madness it is, and all first come, first served!!

Finally – All orders placed during this marathon will begin shipping on January 6th! That way we don’t miss you during all the holiday/new year traveling.

Whatever your holiday tradition, there is always room for a glass of wine (especially at 30-70% OFF), so ring out 2013 and start 2014 with some amazing wine buys! See you online!!

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