Parents only! “Last Bottle” is having a blowout sale today!

I know this doesn’t fall into the “fun family events” category but when I see a deal like this I have to share it!


Last Bottle is one of those “deal of the day” sites and they offer a good price on a bottle of wine every day (plus shipping).  Well, tomorrow they are having “Mayan Madness” which is an excuse to have an inventory blowout sale.  Good for US!  Last time they had this deal I didn’t figure out HOW good of a deal it was until it was halfway through the day.  I was able to score 3 wines and had a lot of fun watching the page for a wine I’d like.

So here is how it works….
They post different bottles through the course of the day at really good prices and offer FREE SHIPPING on your entire order!  Some of the bottles last on the page for minutes, some for a half hour.  It’s all depending on the quantity they have to sell and the price seems to play a role too.
Best part….
When you sign up you get a free $5 credit which is enough for a bottle of wine (or part of a bottle if you want a more expensive wine).  If you share your referral link with your friends, YOU get a $20 referral credit when they make their first purchase.  You also get 2% back from all of your purchases back in credit, too.

In case you are wondering….
They WILL ship to PA….that was a concern of mine, too.  Apparently they are allowed to, not sure what the loophole is, but, I got mine last time.

Sign up today at so that tomorrow you will have your $5 credit and be ready to buy!

From the email:
Mayan Mania!
We saw on the History Channel, and also on the Internet, that Friday is the end. Like, THE end. We humans had a pretty good run, we guess, but apparently the party is over. SO: besides cozying up with our families and drinking the absolute BEST bottles in our cellars, we thought, “let’s blow out every bottle we have at below cost…because, really, thanks to the Mayans…who cares?” So, friends, family, clients…it’s ON. Tomorrow we blow it all out, Last Bottle style, with what we’re calling Mayan Mania.

You know the game – it’ll be just like our Moving Madness Marathon (if we’d known about this end-of-the-world thing, we wouldn’t have moved so soon) – old favorites, tons of brand-new purchases, cult wines, large formats, older vintages and drinkers…you name it…all at END OF THE WORLD PRICING!! OUR BIGGEST (and last, we suppose) SALE EVER! Plus, FREE GROUND SHIPPING on ALL ORDERS! Heck, why not?

First come, first served, like always, you’ll need to keep hitting the “refresh” button to catch them all, and it all happens starting at 9AM Napa Valley time! BE READY to grab bottles at prices that will rock your world (literally!).

All orders will begin shipping early January!!!

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