Halloween Make-Up Dates!

Halloween Trick or Treating Postponed

Bristol Township is requesting all residents to postpone Halloween trick or treating until Wednesday, November 7, 2012. Hurricane Sandy has left considerable damage in its path resulting in potential unseen dangers. With no power, there is no light. Area trees are fragile, and a branch or tree could fall. A week postponement will allow everyone time to secure their property and work crews to get power and other utilities working again.

Halloween 2012: REMINDER – –Warminster Township has set Saturday from 2pm-5pm to observe Halloween. People who choose to trick-or-treat tonight, please know that there are more than 8,400 residences still without power, and fallen trees and power lines may still exist, causing unsafe locations throughout the Township. Please have a fun and safe Halloween!

As there has been no statewide advisory regarding Halloween, in light of the damage and power outages caused by the recent hurricane, Mayor DiGirolamo is encouraging everyone to use sound judgment when deciding whether or not to participate in Trick or Treating.

He also urges anyone who does Trick or Treat to use a flashlight, carry a cell phone, and exercise extreme caution.

Warrington Township Press Release – Halloween
Because of continued power outages in addition to downed trees and power lines throughout Warrington, the Board of Supervisors has cancelled Halloween activities for this evening and rescheduled them for this Saturday between 2:00 and 5:00 p.m.

While the Township understands that Halloween is a rite of childhood for many youngsters, public safety must takes priority during these types of unexpected and unprecedented emergencies.

Township officials thank all its residents for its cooperation in ensuring a safe and Happy Halloween.

Falls Township recommends residents postpone Halloween until  Saturday, Nov 3rd, at 4pm

Due to continued power outages, concern for continued falling tree branches, and wet and slippery conditions, Hulmeville Borough has decided to postpone the celebration of Halloween until next Wednesday, November 7.

Langhorne Borough is happy to anounce that it is still having Halloween!

Lower MakefieldHalloween is on for tonight!
If, however, you feel your neighborhood is unsafe for trick or treating at this time, the alternate date of Saturday afternoon, November 3, between 3 and 6 pm is recommended.


Middletown Township– In the interest of the safety of our children, Halloween trick-or-treating has been postponed until Wednesday, November 7, 2012.

Newtown Borough and Newtown Township– For safety reasons, and due to the fact that half of Newtown Borough still lacks power,  Mayor O’Brien, Council President Walker and Chief Wojo are requesting that all Borough Trick or Treating be rescheduled until next Wednesday, 11/7 during regular hours. Please help us get this information out to the residents, especially those without electricity.

Trick or Treating Postponed in Northampton Township
Northampton Township has decided it best for the safety of our Township’s children and residents that Halloween Trick-or-Treat activities are postponed to Wednesday, November 7.  According to the latest PECO estimates, at least 70% of homes in the Township are without power and storm damage has been extensive and widespread. Many areas have trees lying against power lines, and dangling transformers that PECO crews have yet to reach. PECO estimates that power may not be restored to many homes until midnight Friday.  Some residents may not have power until after the weekend.
The many downed trees that the Public Works Department has yet to address are unprecedented. While roads are now passable, significant amounts of debris on street and in yards creates an unacceptable hazard for our Trick-or-Treaters. It was for these reasons that it was deemed best to postpone Trick-or-Treat activities until Wednesday, November 7.

Morrisville, PA– HALLOWEEN TRICK-OR-TREAT –  Halloween has been rescheduled to Saturday, November 3rd, from 4:00 – 6:00p.m., daylight hours only, for safety reasons in the aftermath of the storm.  

Upper Southampton Township– Due to the power outages and safety of our children, the Township is strongly discouraging children and parents from Halloween trick or treating on October 31st.  We are suggesting celebrating Halloween trick or treating on Saturday, November 3rd from 3PM to 6PM during the daylight hours in case power has not been restored.

Yardley Canal-o-ween– To Be Rescheduled

ChalfontNot postponing: We ask that you use your best judgement tonight. Police will be present in the neighborhoods to ensure that Halloween is a safe night for all.

Doylestown Borough– In light of the extraordinary situation in the Borough as a result of Hurricane Sandy, we are asking residents to consider carefully and use their own best judgment  as to whether to allow children to Trick-or-Treat this evening.

IvylandHalloween trick or treating in Ivyland borough has been postponed to Saturday 2-5 PM. Ivyland Village trick or treating will be held October 31st as usual

SoleburyHALLOWEEN AND COMMUNITY SAFETY NIGHT IS “STILL ON” FROM 6-8 PM TONIGHT, wednesday, OCTOBER 31st. solebury parks & recreation members will be set up and distribute a variety of “light-up” novelties at the corner of kitchen’s lane and norwalk way in north pointe.



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