Great back to school printouts!

I love printables and now that everyone has school on their mind I thought it was time to post my favorite school-themed printables!  To save them or print them, please click on each one to see it in a larger size and then you can right click the larger picture and either “save” or “print”.


This is my favorite!

I found this “Note for School” on “Anything But Perfect”.  Last year I printed about 10 sheets and cut them.  I stapled them twice across the top and kept it near the door with a pen.  Great for last minute notes to the teacher!

The “School Money” label also came from “Anything But Perfect”.  This is great for lunch, trip, or PTO money.  Some examples of putting them to use are either printing them onto a label or printing it and including it inside of a ziplock bag with the money.

This lined paper came from the site: Melissa Culver’s School Daze.  One can be used for drawing a picture and the other is just for writing.

Cute notes that you can send in your children’s lunchbox are from Chickabug.
I’ve posted both with and without phrases.








Lastly, this is a menu that I found at Tip Junkie (one of my favorite crafty sites!).
Because of the nature of this menu, I am thinking it would be best to have your child pick out a few items out and then you can purchase supplies at the supermarket.  Otherwise, you will have to keep WAY too many items on hand!

I hope you enjoy the printables!  Feel free to share the post with friends!

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