A brief review of “House of Pho”

Just a quick blog/review….

My son and I wanted to try something new for a late lunch/early dinner today. We went to “House of Pho” on a whim (on Second Street Pike in Southampton). It was our first experience eating Vietnamese and we both loved it. I had explained to my server, who may have also been the manager, that we were new to Vietnamese/Pho and he gently “led” us through it and explained things along the way. The restaurant smelled delicious, the atmosphere was much nicer than you would expect from the curb, and the food was very good (my son had Pho and I had Bun). I definitely will return and highly recommend giving it a try if you enjoy new culinary experiences!

side note: They serve a lot of food with peanuts and/or peanut sauce and my son has a peanut allergy. I explained this when we ordered and they were happy to make any changes to accommodate the request/allergy.

another side note: Pho is pronounced “FUH”!

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